Good Health by Design

  • PARTNER: Cognizant

    GOAL: Redefine the concept of health and identify efficient strategies for making healthcare accessible to all

    APPROACH: Cognizant sponsored a three-day Design Sprint in which teams of students explored, identified, and quickly prototyped emerging ideas of what constitutes health and alternative paths to well-being.

    Students considered the ways in which healthcare is migrating away from formal institutions and how this trend, along with the increased availability and volume of data and its usage, is reshaping today’s healthcare industry.

    A panel of experts reviewed the final projects for impact (both on scale and value), feasibility, differentiation and creative expression, then awarded the top three teams.

    OUTCOME: While large and formal healthcare systems are remarkably well organized for managing the needs of large populations, they can also be intimidating, inefficient, and ineffective. Increasingly, high costs, fear, and general distrust are steering individuals towards finding new ways to navigate these complex systems, opening up new opportunities for innovation.

    To meet the healthcare industry’s need for greater efficiency and accessibility, students looked into creative ways to remake patient-centered healthcare interactions. Employing a cross-disciplinary approach, students combined diverse forms of data and brought them into new configurations, opening up new possibilities while still retaining a sense of connection to the human experience.

    Ideas pitched to a panel of industry experts included reimagined modules for managing personal health data, new patient journeys supported by digital and physical products, and connected product and service ecosystems that could reshape healthcare.

    Through the collaborative process, students were able to identify the current and future directions of health service ecosystems on the basis of their own experiences. These experiences lent themselves to the full exploration of emerging technologies and trends in healthcare, creating a new path for making health accessible to all.

    "We were all inspired by the students’ approach to designing for these new consumer behaviors, understanding emergent needs, and navigating constraints within the health care system. Overall, they collectively demonstrated the value in using critical, creative problem solving for real world solutions."

    Carly Burton, Global Experience Strategy Director, Cognizant

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