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Since its founding nearly 100 years ago, The New School has been at the forefront of bringing classical academic traditions together with innovative thinking. Located in New York City, The New School is a preeminent intellectual and creative center for effective engagement in a world that increasingly demands better-designed objects, communication, systems, and organizations. We are a university where design and social research drive approaches to studying issues of our time, such as democracy, urbanization, technological change, economic empowerment, sustainability, migration, and globalization.

At The New School, our mission is to work together to better understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities. The transdisciplinary students and faculty in our world-renowned art and design school and our acclaimed liberal arts, performing arts, and graduate schools are dedicated to solving the world’s most complex problems and innovating for major shifts in the economy, society, and environment. Together, we are reshaping higher education, inspiring tomorrow’s thought leaders, and rethinking everything.

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