Corporate Partnerships

We connect leading brands and organizations with the unparalleled knowledge, thought leadership and creativity of our world-renowned faculty and emergent innovators. Deploying advanced technology, data, and human-centered design thinking, our faculty and students develop customized solutions that drive innovation and help businesses thrive in a complex, diverse global economy.

Industry Engagements

Whether you're testing a prototype or want to better understand user experiences, break from traditional modes of exploration and problem solving by partnering with our faculty and students as we reimagine the future of design, technology, sustainability, healthcare, big data, and the forces driving change. We employ a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to deliver responsive strategies and solutions for your organizational challenges.

Executive Education

As a world leader in design and human-centered solutions, we offer executive education programs that use action-based learning to empower you and your team to create a culture of innovation. Taught by world-renowned faculty, our rigorous curriculum provides the tools and insights you need to develop the critical thinking and responsive leadership skills for growing and adapting your business in an ever-changing world.

Parsons Ignite:D Series

For nearly a century, The New School has been a home for industry
pioneers, innovators, and world changers. Students are trained to
disrupt orthodoxies and solve problems using diverse, integrated
approaches to designing products, services, systems, and environments.
We believe that in order to arrive at the right answer, you need to
start by rethinking the question.

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